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I am Debora Silverman, Nationally certified and California Licensed Acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine Practitioner.

I believe that the healing process begins within each and everyone of us. As a Wellness Provider I am very passionate about helping people achieve better health. With proper diagnosis, treatment and a cooperative relationship between the practitioner and the patient it is possible to have optimal health.

I practice a combination of Chinese and Japanese styles of Acupuncture depending what is most needed in each particular case. My treatments have a synergistic approach consisting of a combination of Acupuncture, Massage, Moxabustion, Herbal and Dietary approaches.

I am a General Practitioner with special interests in Skin Imbalances, Pain Management, Digestive Disorders, Emotional Well-Being, Promoting Immune Support and Wellness and Women’s and Men’s Reproductive Health.

I received my Master’s of Science and Master’s of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, CA. ACTCM is the oldest and most prestigious TCM educational facility in the United States. The Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a 4-year program consisting of 920 hours of clinical and 2,145 hours of theoretical training. California has licensed acupuncturists as primary care providers through its Board of Medical Quality Assurance since 1976.

CALL 415-882-9988
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