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Organic Facial Rejuvenation

Beauty is a healthy body, mind, heart, spirit. What’s balanced on the inside reflects on the outside. Organic Facial Rejuvenation provides a basis to feel great, radiate that glow outwards and age gently and gracefully. It is a non-surgical method of reducing the signs of aging. The face is the primary focus of treatment however it is the whole body that benefits resulting in a sense of rejuvenation, revitalization and a profound relaxation.

I begin my rejuvenation treatments with an assessment of your current skin condition and what you are interested in achieving. I then provide an acupressure assessment on the face to identify the key areas where tension is being held. Acupressure stimulation is applied and the patient is educated how to continue the process and results between treatments. Needles or Acutonics are applied to the face and body. Additionally live, active, stimulating, organic masks by Eminence Organics are applied to the face, neck and upper chest. Each treatment is based on a constitutional assessment of each individual resulting in slightly different treatments for each person.

The results of this treatment can erase years off the face. It can eliminate fine lines and soften deeper ones, reduce eye puffiness and bags and tighten jowls and droopy eyelids. It increases circulation to the face, stimulates collagen production and muscle tone, tightens pores and reduces acne and other skin imbalances. The overall effect is glowing skin, bright eyes and inner beauty radiating outwards.


CALL 415-882-9988

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