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Oriental Medicine uses various modalities simultaneously to achieve balance in the body. Some of those I incorporate in my practice are Acupuncture, Moxabustion, Cupping, Herbal and Dietary Therapy, Acutonics, Therapeutic Massage and Organic Facial Rejuvenation.

Integrative Medicine is a safe and natural approach to healthcare. For many people it is as much about preventing illness as it is about treating existing problems. In addition to helping improve mental and emotional well-being chronic conditions are benefited tremendously. Oriental Medicine is often able to diagnose and treat complicated chronic conditions that Biomedicine has difficulty resolving.

One of our greatest tools as Oriental Medicine practioners is the use of differential diagnosis. We treat patterns not symptoms. Our diagnostic techniques discern underlying energetic patterns and identify imbalances often before they present as physical symptoms. Through a differential diagnosis including pulse-taking and tongue observation a pattern of energetic imbalance is determined. Specific points and energy pathways or meridians are stimulated to re-balance, unblock and promote smooth circulation throughout our bodies. Each meridian or energy pathway is linked to a particular organ. It is responsible for many functions. The meridians are comparable to the heart and blood system with arteries connecting to capillaries distributing blood to every cell.

“A 1996 report in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture reported that among 300 cases treated with Facial Acupuncture, 90had marked effects with one course of treatment. The effects included: the skin becoming delicate and fair, improvement of the elasticity of facial muscles and leveling of wrinkles, a ruddier complexion, and overall rejuvenation–not confined to the face.”


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